Turkey Resumes Good Carrier Service With Pakistan Via Iran


The Turkish Pakistan connect is creating unprecedented challenges as it is now creating infrastructure for smooth line of communication. As a definite step, Turkey has re-established a transport connectivity link that will help strengthen their partnership. Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan had already spelled out his intentions to extend a hand of friendship to Muslim community wherever in the world. Pakistan has been on its radar for a long time. A container train service is now going to run between three countries- Pakistan, Iran and Turkey, covering a distance of 6,566 km across the three nations.

The container train will cover a distance of 1,990 km from Islamabad and reach Iran, from where it will leave for Turkey via Tehran. It is worth noting that Turkey has been going out of its way to create terrorism connects in Pakistan too. Revealed recently was a high profile NGO that was being funded by Turkey and has been operating with help from a counterpart NGO in Nepal, to strengthen stronghold near the India-Nepal border.

Indian intelligence has confirmed Turkish funds have financed the functioning of the Nepali’s Muslim rights advocate agency in Nepal. Twenty four carriages of 40 feet each will start their travel from March 04 starting its journey from Istanbul, going to Zahidan or Karachi via Tehran. There are undeniably, chances that Turkey could use this mode of transport for transfer of arms and ammunitions and even terrorism manpower.

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According to Abdul Razak Dawood, an adviser to the Pakistani prime minister for commerce and investment, while announcing the revival of the cargo service, said the “Istanbul-Tehran-Islamabad” train will complete the one-side trip in about 12 days. It will have a capacity of transporting 750 metric tons of commercial goods, he added.

In 2009, the project was stalled due to glitches in logistic arrangements and infrastructure, including availability of wagons. But as geopolitical dynamics have changed since then, Erdogan might have found no better time than now to re-instate the freight line which is acting as a strategic commercial goods carrier service between the three nations.



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