Two Month Armistice Declared In Yemen


yemen YemenSome kind of peace seems to be descending on Yemen as the Houthis and the Saudi led coalition are coming to a common ground of understand and mutual agreement. The decision has also been applauded by Egypt. The Middle Eastern nation with the worst water crises has welcomed a statement issued by the UN Special Envoy to Yemen, which includes the announcement of a two-month armistice.

While the Houthis had refused to attend the Jordon led peace talks recently, they have for the first time since 2016 come on a common ground of peace and talks for the betterment of Yemenis. The last coordinated cessation of hostilities nationwide was during peace talks in 2016. According to a formal statement released by the UN Special Envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg, “Both parties have accepted to halt all offensive military air, ground and maritime operations inside Yemen and across its borders; they also agreed for fuel ships to enter into Hudaydah ports and commercial flights to operate in and out of Sana’a airport to predetermined destinations in the region; they further agreed to meet under my auspices to open roads in Taiz and other governorates in Yemen.”

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According to the UN, the armistice can be renewed after the expiry of the two-month period with the consent of the parties. The UN recognized government in Yemen has also stated that they will work out the modalities to release prisoners as well. Adding on to his formal statement, Mr. Grundberg also has stated that, “For more than seven years, war has devastated the lives of millions of Yemeni women, children and men. It is difficult to imagine the extent of their suffering, which has mainly taken place far from the media spotlight.

The war has fueled one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises, brought state institutions to the verge of collapse, reversed human development by two decades, and threatened regional peace and security. Today must be the start of a better future for the people of Yemen.” With the time frame of Houthi led civil rebellion, Yemen has lost trade, devalued its currency, become Middle Eastern poorest nations with conditions of malnutrition and famine becoming a common truth. More than 3 million people have perished since the start of war in 2016.



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