Understanding Homosexuality, Sexual Orientation That Is Not As Common


A clinical psychologist in Delhi-NCR named Aishwarya Raj says that sexual orientation is a personal and complex part of one’s identity and that it’s okay to take time to figure out how one feels and what they’re attracted to.

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Sexual orientation is part of a person’s identity that describes how sexually or romantically attracted they are to other people. It is a complicated and multifaceted idea that includes many different things, feelings, and ways of expressing them. Even though heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual are the most common sexual orientations, the spectrum of sexuality goes far beyond these traditional identities and includes a wide range of other orientations and preferences. Gynosexuality is one of these.

The Greek word “gynaika,” which means “woman,” is where the prefix “gyno” comes from. As a result, a gynosexual is someone who is attracted to someone who sees themselves as a woman or who acts in ways that women do.

The simplest definition of homosexuality is liking or favoring those who exhibit feminine characteristics or behaviors. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be a woman. According to Shinjini Deb, a clinical psychologist in Kolkata, one may find themselves attracted to anyone who possesses feminine characteristics of any gender. She continued by saying that homosexuality is typically associated with attraction to another person’s physical attributes and characteristics.

Aishwarya Raj, a clinical psychologist in Delhi-NCR, said the same thing. She said that you might identify as gynosexual if you feel that you are primarily sexually attracted to women or femininity and that this attraction is an important part of your sexual identity.

The term “gynosexual” was first used by trans activists in 2014 as a substitute for the word “lesbian,” which is frequently perceived as excluding transgender women, according to Bloom Community’s glossary of sex-positive terms. “Because it is inclusive, the phrase quickly gained popularity in the LGBTQIA+ community and elsewhere. It discusses gendered attraction without assuming anything about a person’s sex at birth or physical characteristics,” the website claimed.

Deb also said it’s natural to be attracted to feminine qualities, and there could be more than one reason for this. “For example, having a good relationship with female family members or friends as a child and having a high opinion of the warmth that femininity brings to their lives. We all know that each person has both male and female hormones in a certain amount and that this affects how we act and think. Seeing the good in both makes one feel better about the other person as well. “It’s healthy to accept yourself and other people as they are,” she said.

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Raj, on the other hand, said that a person’s sexual orientation is a personal and complicated part of their identity, and it’s okay to take time to figure out how they feel and what they’re attracted to. “If you don’t know how to identify yourself, you might want to talk to a friend you can trust or a professional who can help you. “The most important thing, in the end, is to listen to your feelings and find a way to identify that feels true and real to you,” she said.



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