US Announces $400 Mn Humanitarian Aid To Yemen


The United States offered more than $400 million in humanitarian aid to Yemen on 27th February, raising the overall amount declared since the start of the conflict to nearly $5.4 billion.

The United Nations estimated that over $4 billion would be required to assist millions of Yemenis in the war-torn nation, and Washington pledged the fresh aid during a donor conference in Geneva.

According to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, “the United States’ commitment to reducing the suffering of millions of people from the world’s worst humanitarian disaster in Yemen remains strong.”

Partners would be able to provide “life-saving relief to Yemen’s most vulnerable citizens” thanks to the assistance, he claimed.

But “far more” assistance is required, he added. Blinken urged all donors to contribute to the effort to raise the $4.3 billion the UN estimates are needed.

Last year at a similar gathering, limited money prompted the United Nations to cancel substantial portions of programmes in Yemen, including food aid for emergencies.

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But, the top US official claimed that there was a “glimmer of hope” because the nation was currently enjoying its biggest window of opportunity for peace in years.

“The international community must do everything we can to help – including by strongly supporting the Yemen humanitarian response,” Blinken added. “This will assure that Yemenis recognise the real advantages that peace may offer.”

After the Houthi militia, which is backed by Iran, took over Sanaa as its capital in 2014, the internationally recognised Yemeni government and the organization have been at war for years.

Prince Faisal bin Farhan, the foreign minister of Saudi Arabia, stated last month that although there had been progress towards putting an end to the war, more work remained, including the restoration of a truce and the transition to a long-term ceasefire. The Houthis refused to extend a UN-mediated truce, therefore it ended on October 2 of last year.



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