US Complicit in Gaza as Death Toll Crosses 10,000

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After vetoing a proposal for humanitarian pause in Gaza at the United Nations Security Council, the US is facing domestic and international pressure as death toll in the besieged territory is over 10,000 and counting.

The US is being held complicit for aiding Israel in carrying out a full-blown genocide of Palestinians, massacre of thousands of women and children following Hamas offensive on October 7. Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, landed in Israel on Friday to urge Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to pause for humanitarian relief to get into Gaza.              

But Netanyahu is adamant on eradicating Hamas, saying there will be no temporary truce in Gaza unless the Israeli hostages are released. “I made clear that we are continuing full force and that Israel refuses a temporary ceasefire which does not include the release of our hostages.” He said nothing will stop Israel.

US Continues to Support Israel in Gaza

Despite the climbing death toll in Gaza, the Pentagon is not putting any limits on how Israel uses weapons provided by the United States, with the White House saying it was not drawing red lines. Moreover, the US Department of Defense has deployed surveillance drones over Gaza for hostage recovery efforts.

Israel is pushing ahead with its ground invasion, with the IDF already having encircled Gaza City. Yoram Schweitzer, the IDF’s former head of international counterterrorism, said part of the delicate treatment of the tunnels is because hostages are being held there and used as human shields. “We’ll see how we are going to tackle this great challenge because they built an undercity.

Blinken stressed US’s support for Israel and right to self defense. But US Vice President Kamala Harris emphasized rules of war. “Palestinians deserve equal measures of safety and security, self-determination, and dignity. We have been very clear that the rules of war must be adhered to and that there must be humanitarian aid that flows.”

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Gaza Conflict Risks Spilling into Middle East

The Arab leaders are expected to meet Blinken today in Amman. An official statement said the talks will focus on repercussions of the dangerous escalation which threatens security throughout the region. Jordan’s King Abdullah reiterated the need for a ceasefire and immediate humanitarian truce for aid to get into Gaza.

Hassan Nasrallah, head of Hezbollah, said a regional war was a realistic possibility. He said ending the conflict in Gaza and ensuring Hamas victory against Israel were Hezbollah’s main objectives. Nasrallah warned Israel that if it conducts any major operation against Lebanon – “you would be committing the biggest foolishness in your history and the history of your presence”.



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