US forces assault Syria and seize three major ISIS members

US forces

The US military’s Central Command reported on Sunday that three members of the Daesh organisation were apprehended by US soldiers during a helicopter and ground raid in eastern Syria.

Col. Joe Buccino, a Central Command spokesman, reported that the operation took place on Saturday. He also said that one civilian sustained “minor injuries” during the attack and was treated at a nearby hospital before being released to his family.

The militants were identified by Central Command as logisticians, facilitators, and “associates” of the jihadist organisation.

Other information about the raid was not made public. The phrase “partner forces” was used by Central Command to allude to the presence of the Syrian Democratic Forces, the Syrian Kurdish armed group that assisted the US and its allies in defeating the Daesh organisation, which intended to establish an Islamic caliphate.

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Following a military assault supported by the alliance in March 2019, when the jihadists lost their last pockets of land, Daesh remnants in Syria largely withdrew into desert lairs in the east of the nation.

Since then, they have continued to carry out strikes in Iraq while using similar hideouts to ambush forces headed by the Kurds and soldiers from the Syrian government.

A war monitor said that an attack on a US-led coalition base in southern Syria by a drone on Friday was carried out by Iranian-backed forces. The Central Command confirmed this.



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