US , UN , EU and turkey call on cease-fire in Syria and a focus on Covid-19 spread in the region

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A cease-fire for all of Syria. This is what the UN and the European Union demanded on March 29. After nearly 9 years of war which has left 400,000 people dead, and a continuing conflict in the province of Idlib, it is indeed a very vulnerable Syria which is preparing to face the health threat now.

35,000 civilians forced to move due to attacks by the Bechar al-Assad regime and its supporters have returned home following the March 6 truce in the Idleb de-escalation zone by Turkey and Russia.

The director of the Office for Coordination of Intervention in Syria which studies the data on migration in the region, Mohammed Hallaj said that a part of the civilians returned after the end of the military operations of Assad and his supporters and the application of the cease-fire.

The UN Special Envoy for Syria, Geir O. Pedersen, warned the Security Council on Monday that the country was in danger of being unable to contain the Covid-19 pandemic and needed a ceasefire.

“After terrible violence, a precarious calm reigns on the ground. And now the Syrians are facing a potentially devastating new threat, the Covid-19, “said Mr. Pedersen during a video conference with Council members.

According to him, “Syria runs a high risk of not being able to contain the pandemic, given the large-scale population movements, the dangerously cramped conditions in several IDP camps, makeshift camps and places of detention”.

And after two days of the United Nations and European Union statements ,Donald Trump and Recep Tayyip Erdogan agreed yesterday  in a telephone exchange on “the importance” for syria, “to adhere to a cease-fire” in this period of global health crisis, said the White House.

“Presidents Trump and Erdogan agree that it is more important than ever that the countries in conflict, in particular Syria, adhere to a ceasefire and work for a solution “The two leaders have agreed to work together and in good coordination on the international campaign to defeat the virus and support the world economy,” said the White House.



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