US , UN , EU and turkey call on cease-fire in Syria and a focus on Covid-19 spread in the region

Japan JapanJapan has taken its decision to replace the incumbent prime minister Yoshihide Suga with Fumio Kishida on Wednesday. Kishida was a former foreign minister and returned to the political sphere to claim the top position by winning the ruling Liberal Democratic party’s presidential election against Taro Kono.

Needless to say for those who are well acquainted with Japan’s politics, Kono was one of the best competitors for the position given his status as the vaccination master in the country. Kishida comes in with more international experience given his previous office, giving him an edge over Kono.

The prime minister elect won 257 runoff votes while Kono managed 170 for himself. Suga has been replaced by the current leader in only a year as he decided to step down from the position. Suga took office in September last year.

Kishida is the new leader of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, making him the ideal candidate to take over the chair. There were two other candidates in the race–Sanae Takaichi, a former communications minister, and Seiko Noda, the LDP executive acting secretary general, who lost out in the voting round on Wednesday.< after two days of the United Nations and European Union statements ,Donald Trump and Recep Tayyip Erdogan agreed yesterday  in a telephone exchange on "the importance" for syria, "to adhere to a cease-fire" in this period of global health crisis, said the White House.

“Presidents Trump and Erdogan agree that it is more important than ever that the countries in conflict, in particular Syria, adhere to a ceasefire and work for a solution “The two leaders have agreed to work together and in good coordination on the international campaign to defeat the virus and support the world economy,” said the White House.



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