North Korea tests Cruise Missiles, Japan voices their concerns


North Korea has recently tested cruise missiles that have enough power to hit and demolish major parts of Japan. The missiles were reported to travel up to the distance of 1,500km. However, this new missile and the strategic weapon is of great significance for Korea. UN Security Council sanctions forbid North Korea from testing ballistic missiles, but not cruise missiles such as these.

The council considers ballistic missiles to be more threatening than cruise missiles because they can carry bigger and more powerful payloads. It is majorly because they have a much longer range and can fly faster. It was mentioned in the press release that the test launches showed that the technical indices such as the thrust power of the newly developed turbine-blast engine, the missiles’ navigation control and the end guided hit accuracy by the combined guided mode met the requirements of designs.

Kim Jong-Un, mentioned that they are making efforts to bolster his nuclear deterrent in the face of U.S. sanctions and pressure and issued a long wish list of new sophisticated assets, including longer-range intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear-powered submarines, spy satellites and tactical nuclear weapons. Kim also said then that his national defence scientists were developing intermediate-range cruise missiles with the most powerful warheads in the world.
However, launches based on U.S. and South Korean intelligence have been constantly monitored by South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff. The U.S. Indo-Pacific Command also look at the situation with allies and that the North Korean activity reflects a continuing focus on developing its military program and the threats that pose to its neighbours and the international community.



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