Vladimir Putin signs bill confirming Russia’s exit from overflight treaty


On Monday, Russia officially exited from the overflight treaty after signing the withdrawal papers. The Russian President Vladimir Putin has now officially withdrawn from a treaty that allows other countries to fly surveillance flights over military facilities.

The withdrawal received the support of the Russian lawmakers as last month, the President of the United States Joe Biden confirmed that America will no longer be involved in entering the open skies that were earlier left by the previous leadership. During the presidential campaign, Biden had openly criticized the Trump administration for taking a hasty call on the withdrawal from the Russian skies. He had called Trump ‘short-sighted’ for the process.

Soon after Trump’s approach, Moscow too was ready to reverse the withdrawal procedure and continue with the 1992 treaty if the US readily returned to the one that was there in between the two countries. With Putin signing the documents, Russia has officially decided to end the treaty and it will take nearly six months to get everything in order.

The details may further be revealed when the two leaders meet during the Geneva summit which is scheduled to be held on June 16. The tensions between the US and Russia are increasing, affecting trade and businesses of both the regions. Experts suggest that this might be the worst the relations have ever been since the post cold war area.

Things got worse when the US accused Russia of interfering with the presidential elections of 2020 and also hacking security services of the nation. As per the treaty signed by the two nations, Russia was given an opportunity to make things balanced with the West and gave an opportunity to the Western countries to build trust on Russia.

A report reveals that over 1,500 flights have been conducted under the treaty for the surveillance purpose since 2002. This has helped in bringing out transparency between military set ups of different countries and also takes care of the arms and ammunition practices.

Last year, before making an exit from the White House, Trump has pulled out from the agreement, he blamed it on the Russian government for not sticking to the agreement as theyc continue to breach the rules.



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