What Is Israel Doing In Palestinian Jenin Refugee Camp?


Palestine palestineThe Jenin Camp has come to become the new focus point of attacks for the Israeli against the Palestinians. It is a war of elimination that has been going on for too long now. There has been systematic killing in Jenin. The camp is currently out of the Palestinian Authority’s control. But it is Jenin which is in focus.

There are extremist groups functioning in the Palestinian Jenin Camp. Is it that Israel has picked on this part to gradually eliminate the lot and not come into direct media limelight?

Since 2021 and up until June, there have been many small incidents of killings. Such attacks have triggered concerns that Israel might be planning some more large-scale Israeli invasion of Jenin refugee camp. Here, armed wings of Islamic Jihad and Fatah movements are already operative. But surprisingly, there was a change in stance without any warning and Israel instead decided to attack Gaza where Islamic Jihad maintains a much stronger presence.

In June, around 30 Israeli military vehicles raided Jenin, with soldiers encircling a car in the city’s east and opening fire on the four men inside. Three died and the fourth was seriously wounded.

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Political analysts believe that there is a strong strategy at play in Jenin. Through its assaults on Jenin, Israel wants to achieve two goals: to deprive the PA of any claim to control security in the region and to encourage other actors – like the tribes – to step up and fill the security void. The old divide and rule policy seems to be at work here.

For example, in Hebron, the tribes play a key role in maintaining security and resolving conflicts. Unlike the PA, the tribes deliver security and stability to their own members without demanding national and political rights. This is ideal for Isreal and it hopes something similar would be created in Jenin. 

Israel wants to relegate the Palestinian leadership to a civil administration that simply follows Israel’s orders with no power to demand national or political rights



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