Why Bella Hadid Has Lost Work Suddenly?

Bella Hadid

All is not fair for women and (definitely) not when you are individualistic and hold a point of view. The Dutch- Palestinian supermodel Bella Hadid has admitted that she lost out on modelling assignments because she stood up and held a point of view and supported Palestinians.

Friends dropped and companies pulled their support away as she said to a fashion magazine recently that she ‘was not just on Earth to be a model,’ and that ‘I am not afraid to lose work for what I believe in.’ Backed by her Muslim and Arab heritage, she now continues to support the Palestinian.

After her parents’ divorce, she believed her roots to Palestine might have outgrown her. Hadid is the daughter of Palestinian real-estate developer Mohamed Hadid and Dutch model Yolanda Hadid and is often lauded as being one of the most outspoken celebrities advocating for Palestine.

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But she admits that the recent and increasingly levels of atrocities against Palestinians in Israel might have prompted her to relook her perspectives. But she has been candid over the fact that her work has been affected due to her views in the past. She has been shadow banned by Instagram for her posts.

“When I speak about Palestine, I get labelled as something that I’m not. But I can speak about the same thing that’s happening there, happening somewhere else in the world, and that’s honourable. So, what’s the difference?” Last year, the model was featured in a New York Times advert which appeared to link her with Hamas movement, the de facto ruler of the Gaza Strip. Bella’s sister Gigi and Grammy-winning singer Dua Lipa were also featured in the advert. Bella Hadid will make her acting debut later this year as a guest star on the Hulu comedy, Ramy.



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