Palestinians Killed Is Nothing Less Than Modern Day War Crime


Palestine PalestineWar crimes are becoming evident and common place even today. The mass massacre in Gaza of Palestine has also been seen as one of these. The whole incident came two weeks after the revelation of atrocities committed in the 1956 Kafr Qasim massacre.

There is an ongoing wipe out of Palestinians going on in the Gaza, and no one saying anything about it. Many such massacres have been done in the 1950s. Earlier in the past, such massacres were carried out amongst the Palestinians to spread a sense of fear and panic.

The recent revelation of specific documents that stated that indeed the Kafr Qasim massacre was done on civilians that were unarmed and comprised children as well. It was surprising to note that despite the government knowing that such a heinous crime had been committed and was a war crime, records were never disclosed.

After much protest, it was disclosed only two weeks ago. It was shocking to note that these new documents could reveal that the massacre was in fact part of an Israeli plan dubbed Operation Hafarperet (Mole) to drive all Palestinians out of an area called the ‘Triangle,’ ceded to Israel along with its Palestinian population in April 1949 after the end of the war by Jordan’s King Abdullah on the pretext that the Jordanian army could not defend it. 

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Constant and systematic killings continue in many contexts across the West Bank. Israel continues to push and kill people without being tried in any court, refusing to accept that it has gone back to Nazi regime where Hitler was determined to rid the world of Jews.

Many Palestinians have seen countless of their loved ones murdered in their sleep, or when they were resting and generally minding their own business. In most encounters, there are only Palestinians dead; there is no casualty on the other side. In desperation, Palestinians developed their own offensive too.

During the May 2021 aggression, according to Airwars, in more than 70% of Israeli attacks that killed Palestinian civilians, there were no reports of any casualties from the resistance. In other words, civilians were the only victims. According to B’Tselem, an Israeli rights group, nearly two-thirds of the more than 2,200 Palestinians Israel killed in Gaza in 2014 were civilians. Notice that such statistics usually count Palestinian civilian police or resistance fighters killed in their homes as they slept as militants.



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