Why Is It Important To Know Your Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

It is not just hacking that when does purposefully is creating a threat to people’s privacy. But mobile applications especially the ones that are used on Android phones are infringing into private data, reports have confirmed.

Mobile apps are a nuisance

Doctor Web’s June 2022 review of virus activity on mobile devices has stated that most new android applications have inbuilt adware trojans. These are meant to trick users into downloading them and then accessing sensitive user data, baring the security concerns of users. These applications include image editing tools, virtual keyboards, calling apps and wallpaper collection apps.

Many such applications also subscribe users against their will, start sending in intrusive adverts that block view and at times get accessed by users by mistake, making them vulnerable to data theft.

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Fake Apps, beware

Analysts have discovered dozens of malicious apps on Google Play, including adware trojans, fake apps used by scammers, information stealers that seek out confidential data, among others, the report said. This is becoming a nuisance and people have been warned to either not save sensitive data on their phones or be weary of downloading unknown mobiles applications. Even Cache cleaners are a scam and one has to be aware of the danger they pose to your mobile phones.

To display ads, some of these apps request permission to show windows over other apps, while the remainder ask users to add them to the exclusion list of the battery-saving feature, Dr Web said.

In addition, to make it more difficult for users to detect malicious apps in the future, the trojans hide their icons from the list of installed apps in the home screen menu — or, they replace the icons with less noticeable ones.

Play store or Google Store

Both are becoming victims. While the former is used by Iphone users essentially, the Google store works well for android phone users. The Joker malware for example is the new kid on the block affecting people’s Iphones. YouToon — AI Cartoon Effect and Pista — Cartoon Photo Effect) disguise themselves as image editing tools that can apply cartoon filters over regular images.



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