Why Lebanon Is Going To Lose Turkish Electricity Too?


Accruing to the worst financial crises that Lebanon has faced in over a decade, it is now under fire for going dark. Running its services on borrowed electricity, the country is now being threatened by Turkish power players for cutting down supply. The Turkish company Karpowership is one of the two companies that are providing power to about a fifth of Lebanon. Apparently, there is a brewing dispute over corruption allegations and payments.

Since 2013, the Turkish company has shipped over 400 megawatts of power every month since being anchored off Lebanon’s Mediterranean coast. But now, it is not interested in extending the favour anymore and is expecting its due to be paid off. Payment has been due for the last 18 months.

On the flipside, Lebanese government is blaming the Turkish company of having broken a clause on the bylaws. Instead, the local financial prosecutor has asked the company’s vessels to be sealed, owing to a pending decision on investigation over renewal of power-supply contracts.

If Kapowership retracts its decision to supply to Lebanon, then the latter is in deep trouble for power. Since July of last year, it already owes a huge amount to the Turkish power company. Right now, it is also struggling to pay other suppliers amid a near collapse in its economy that’s all but emptied government coffers. Karpowership was owed about $100 million by Lebanon in July last year, according to the country’s energy minister.

Currently, the state owned, Electricite du Liban is already bursting on the seams as it is unable to function in full capacity because it can’t afford to import the fuel for its various power plants.

Since March, Lebanese people have been asking for a proper government to be put in place so that the ongoing fuel crises can be resolved. Nearly all darkness like situation has already entered the lives of Lebanese people. Blackouts continue for more than 12 hours straight. There are rumours that the fight over electricity from outside service providers and inside, is all politically fueled.



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