Yemen Thanks Turkey for Its Help During Crisis


People who received humanitarian aid from Turkey were grateful to the nation for helping during Yemen’s ongoing civil war and drought.

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Yemen Thanks Turkey for help- 

In this difficult time, Turkey has offered unwavering support and has refused to abandon Yemenis.

Turkish non-governmental organizations have been helping people in Yemen for a while. Throughout the Eid al-Adha holiday, the charities will keep helping those in need in Yemen.

Yemenis thanked Turkey and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in an interview with Anadolu Agency (AA) for not giving up on them and helping the nation with humanitarian aid.

Marib City resident Saide Um Abdulhamid expressed her appreciation for Erdogan and Turkey.

No one compares to Turkey. Um, Abdulhamid wished Turkey and President Erdogan success and protection from Allah.

“We appreciate Turkey’s efforts and this help, and we thank them. We adore the Turks. They are excellent individuals. Another Yemeni, Adem Abdullah, stated, “We, Yemenis, have great respect for the Turkish people.

Ismail Hadid emphasized that Turkey was still thinking of their Yemeni brothers and sisters in light of the devastating earthquakes that struck Turkey’s southern region, including the Kahramanmaras province, on February 6.

“Türkiye is a fraternal nation and plays a significant role in the region. Its contributions to the Arab world are noteworthy. We want to thank the Turkish people for their help,” he said.

Eight years into Yemen’s civil war, an estimated 400,000 people have perished from malnutrition and illnesses like COVID-19 and cholera.

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The country’s severe hunger crisis primarily affects children. According to UNICEF, more than a million children in Yemen need humanitarian aid, and millions face starvation if immediate action is not taken.



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