Secret Operation: Israeli Spy Agency Mossad Arrests Hit Squad Leader on Iranian Soil


Israel’s spy agency Mossad, in a daring secret operation, apprehended the leader of an Iranian hit squad in Iran. The Mossad alleged that Yusef Shahabazi Abbasalilu, the mastermind of the terrorist cell in Cyrus, planned to kill Israeli businessmen in Cyprus. 

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This arrest showcases the Israeli spy agency’s unparalleled capabilities and spotlights the ongoing tensions between Israel and Iran. Its latest mission marks a significant blow to Iran’s covert operations and is expected to have far-reaching implications for regional security

The Mossad claims Abbasalilu confessed that an operative from IRGC’s intelligence unit sent him to Cyprus. He revealed that the Revolutionary Guards provided him with info about the assassination targets. A senior Mossad official said the agency strives to get any party that promotes terrorism against Jews and Israelis all over the world, including on Iran itself. 

In February, a report highlighted that Islamic Republic of Iran was creating maps of Jews to neutralize if Israel struck its nuclear facilities. Moreover, Iran has threatened to murder Jewish leaders across the world. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu applauded Mossad’s commitment to harm those who try to attack Israel or its people, with great force.  He said Israel is tackling Iran and its proxies to open terrorist fronts against Israel in Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Judea and Samaria. Netanyahu said they will not allow Iran to establish itself on Israel’s borders. 

Abbasalilu’s arrest deals a severe blow to Iran’s covert activities, and exposes the regime’s aggressive and clandestine actions. Mossad’s successful operation has disrupted the network responsible for planning and executing covert operations, potentially preventing numerous acts of violence and destabilization. This has left Iranian intelligence forces scrambling to reorganize their operations, causing a dent in their capabilities and morale. 

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However, the arrest of the Iranian hit squad leader may have wide-ranging implications for regional security and stability. But it sends a clear message to Iran that Israel remains resolute in safeguarding its national security and will take decisive action to counter any threats posed by Iranian proxies.




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