23 members of the Islamic State are given the death penalty in Libya


A Libyan court handed down punishments to persons participating in the Islamic State’s (IS) terrorist campaign, with 23 of them obtaining death sentences and another 14 receiving life terms. In 2015, a number of Egyptian Christians were beheaded as part of this effort, and Sirte was taken.

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One person was sentenced to a 12-year jail term, six others to between 6- and 10-year terms of imprisonment, one to five years, and six others to three years, the Attorney General’s office reported. Three more people passed away before their trials, while five more were exonerated.

The IS affiliate in Libya developed become a key bastion for the terrorist organization, expanding operations beyond of its original Iraqi and Syrian strongholds. It took advantage of the disorder and fighting that followed a 2011 revolt that was sponsored by NATO.

Nine individuals lost their lives as a result of the group’s attack in 2015 on Tripoli’s opulent Corinthia Hotel. They then went on to kidnap and behead a number of Egyptian Christians, documenting these horrific crimes in propaganda films.

IS conquered the major seaside city of Sirte in eastern Libya after taking over Benghazi, Derna, and Ajdabiya. They maintained control over Sirte until the end of 2016, enforcing a strict code of conduct and administering severe penalties.

Mustafa Salem Trabulsi, the founder of a nonprofit that aids those whose loved ones were killed by the accused or vanished, initially wished for the execution of all the suspects. He did, however, recognise and accept the trial’s verdict.

“My son is missing, and my relative, my brother-in-law, was murdered in Sirte Square,” he declared.

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Fawzia Arhuma, who spoke in court on Monday, expressed her approval of the death sentences after her son was slain by the gang at a power plant close to Sirte.

My kid raised my head today. I buried my son today, she said.



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