5 Quick Ways to Check Your STC Balance

5 Quick Ways to Check Your STC Balance

One of the biggest telecommunications firms in the Middle East is Saudi Telecom Company (STC). It provides a range of services, such as landline, internet, and mobile phone plans. You might be interested in learning how to check your STC balance if you are a customer of STC. A person can do this in many ways. We’ll go over five of the most practical ways to check your STC balance in this blog post.

1. USSD Code usage

Using a USSD code is among the simplest ways to check your STC SAWA prepaid balance. Simply press the call button on your phone and enter *166#. The screen will immediately show your current balance. For those who favor a quick and simple way to check their balance, this method is ideal.

How to use a USSD code to check your STC balance:

1. Launch the dialer on your phone.

2. On your phone, enter *166#. 

3. Dial the phone number. 

4. The screen will show your current balance.

2. Delivering an SMS

Send “166” as an SMS to 900 if you’d like to receive a text message with your balance details. You’ll get a message with your remaining balance in a few seconds. For those who prefer to keep track of their balance updates via text messages, this option is beneficial.

How to use SMS to check your STC balance:

1. Open the SMS app.

2. Send “166” to 900 by typing it.

3. A message containing your remaining balance will be sent to you.

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3. Using the MySTC app

Use the MySTC app to manage your STC account more conveniently. You can view your balance, keep track of your usage, and access other account features with this simple-to-use app. Open the app and log in with your account details to view your balance. The main screen will display your balance.

How to use the MySTC app to check your STC balance:

1. Get the MySTC app from Google Play or App Store.

2. Start the application and log in using your STC account information.

3. The primary screen will show your balance.

4. Through MySTC website

You can use the MySTC web portal to check your SAWA balance from a computer or mobile web browser. If you haven’t already, you must register your mobile number on the portal to use it. Your balance and other account details are visible once you log in.

Steps for using the MySTC web portal to check your SAWA balance:

1. Go to the MySTC website: https://my.stc.com.sa/

2. Select the “Login” link.

3. Type in your password and mobile number.

4. Once more, click the “Login” button.

5. Your balance and other account details will be visible on the home page once you log in.

5. Calling the STC customer service number

The STC helpline can be reached at 900 to check your SAWA balance as a last resort. To find out your balance when you call, follow the prompts on the automated system. This process is quick and simple, and if necessary, you can recharge your account or pay your bill.


Finally, there are several simple ways to check your STC balance. The approach you decide on will depend on your requirements and personal preferences. Use a USSD code or send an SMS message if you want a quick and simple way to check your balance. You can check your balance using the MySTC app or the MySTC website if you prefer a more visual approach. Additionally, you can always contact STC’s customer service line if you need help.

Regardless of the method you select, keeping track of your account usage is simple and quick by checking your STC balance. By doing this, you can prevent overage fees and guarantee that you always have enough credit to place calls, send texts, and use the internet.

I sincerely hope that this blog post was useful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below.



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