American Stance On Troop Retracement From Afghanistan Becomes Unclear


The US is finally thinking of giving shape to their settlement deal with Taliban under which Pentagon is contemplating keeping some troops still stationed in Afghanistan post the May 01 deadline. While Afghanistan is jittery over the possible retracement of American troops, it has recently made a trip to India ensuring its sovereignty remains protected by its allied partners.

Meanwhile, America is pinning its hope on the fact that Taliban might favor the presence of some American troops. However, nothing that the Taliban has said has ever favored the presence of American troops or any other. America continues to fight the longest going battle where it has 10,000 troops stationed in Afghanistan that is constantly trying to rid its land of Islamic state foes, a top US lawmaker has confirmed this to the media.

Taliban would (probably) want help from America, to get rid of ISISI as much as they fight a war with the Afghani government. The deadline set seems sacrosanct for the Talibans’ while Biden administration admits that retracting such a large contingent of troops needs more than six weeks.

War in Afghanistan has continued since 2001. Since the initial objectives were completed, a coalition of over 40 countries (including all NATO members) formed a security mission in the country called International Security Assistance Force (ISAF, succeeded by the Resolute Support Mission (RS) in 2014), of which certain members were involved in military combat.

According to political experts, there is no way Taliban can be overthrown completely. So, for Biden, what is important is to now see, as to how many of his own can be bring back home alive. Alternatively, the other thought is that, wait in Afghanistan till violence become negligent, Taliban cuts ties with Al-Qaeda and intra- Afghan negotiations reaches a prime point.



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