Lives of Afghani women in danger after American troops withdrawn from Afghanistan


Afghanistan has always been under tough US scrutiny and when the Biden government decided to withdraw American troops, experts are assuming that it would result in dangerous living conditions for women in the country.

On Tuesday, the lawmakers of the United States showed concerns over how protected women in Afghanistan feel especially after Islamist Talinban takes control of the governance after the US’ exit. They grilled president Joe Biden on his decision to completely withdraw American support.

The lawmakers threatened the US government that it completely withdraws its involvement from Afghanistan and it will withhold finding if rights gains are reversed. One of the top most officials to show his disapproval for this step is Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Menendez according to whom, US senators will not be showing any support or assistance for Afghanistan.

He believes that it is very much possible that there will be absolutely no assistance if the budget program supported by the World Bank is taken over the Talibani body and that body stops backing women’s rights in the country. It will be an extremely difficult world to survive for women, he adds.

Joe Biden had announced that the United States will be withdrawing all its troops by September 11 this year and will be involved in Afghanistan’s affairs to these lengths. Zalmay Khalilzad, who is a special envoy for Afghanistan Reconciliation, was the one to testify at the committee’s first public hearing.

During his announcement, Biden had made sure that he spoke about offering assistance to the country despite taking this extreme call. He had added that Washington will keep offering assistance to security forces and civilian programs, which include women and girls as beneficiaries.

It was later on revealed by the secretary of state Antony Blinken that before complete withdrawal, the Biden administration was planning to provide nearly $300 million civilian aid to the country. However, the problem that many of the experts and lawmakers find in this proposal is the slip away of the country into the hands of extremist Taliban.

They remind the forum that during the 1996-2001 rule of Taliban in Afghanistan, the activities of the Afghant women were heavily curtailed and their survival had become a serious issue. Hence, they advise the US government against bringing back 2,500 remaining US troops.



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