Startzplay Is In Market To Give Netflix Competition


Startzplay is the new kid on the block; it is here to give competition to Netflix. It is now confident of getting its sales up by 40percent in the coming fiscal. The credit goes to animations and sports. The company’s cofounder and chief executive is Maaz Sheikh who is proud of a 2.1 million subscriber base across 19 countries. But its popularity in immense in the Middle east.

Considered Middle East’s fastest growing, it has a market share that is equal to that of Netflix and another contender known as Shahid VIP. In order to continue to bank of its subscription base, it has also added two new revenue streams over the past few months. First, it has enabled advertisements and sponsorship on its sports channels. Secondly, it has licensed its apps and back-end technology to other players in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Sri Lanka.

Giving major competition to Netflix, it is preferred a lot because of its parental controls and how to create proper access to sporting channels too. It has big plans and continues to make strategic moves to ensure those are met.

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For example, it has already sold a 57 percent stake to E-Vision, the UAE’s biggest telecoms operator E&’s entertainment arm, and Abu Dhabi holding company ADQ in March, to ensure it can pump in cash investment into the business for new content acquisition and producing more original content from the region.

It also intends to introduce the Italy’s Serie A, getting football rights for the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) games, adding UFC to the platform, and showing Asia Cup cricket matches live.

It will also focus on original shows from the Middle East, with plans to enter a partnership with Abu Dhabi’s ImageNation to create a reality show about the UAE’s real estate sector, Mr Sheikh said.



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