As US-China tension rise, India is caught in between

President of the United States Donald Trump in a meeting in New york

In the ongoing corona pandemic, India is caught in between the US-China spat.

US Senator Thom Thilis on 14 May released his 18-point plan to counter China, amid rising Corona cases in the US. The attempt is to hold China responsible for “lies, deception and cover-ups” that led to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The plan includes the US to enhance military ties with India. The plan suggests to immediately approve US$ 20 billion for ramping up military and strategic relations with India, Taiwan, and Vietnam. It also looks at increasing arms sales to these countries.This initiative would be called Pacific Deterrence Initiative. Also, allow Japan to build its military capacity and sale of weapons to both Japan and South Korea.

The 18 point plan also looks at bringing back manufacturing industries to the US. While encouraging enterprises to move bases from China to the US, the US dependence on the Chinese supply chain will be reduced. Other than incentivizing US technology companies, it should also stop China from “stealing” their technology.

Strengthening cybersecurity is one of the priorities to prevent China from hacking and sabotaging.The plan calls for banning Chinese tech company Huawei from operating in the country. US allies should impose similar bans.The Senator argues that the Trump administration should request the International Olympics Committee to cancel China hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Tillis also demands that the administration should investigate to see if the WHO is working independently. The report calls for sanctions against China for bringing misery to hundreds of American lives and economies.The Senator also urged the US government to stop Chinese propaganda within the US.

Other senators are also demanding actions against China. The first case of coronavirus was reported from Wuhan in China, December 2019. Currently, there are 4.3 million corona infected cases worldwide, and more than 300,000 have been killed. The US is one of the worst affected countries.

Due to the shutting of economies since March to control coronavirus cases, the countries are staring at one of the worst world economic slowdowns since the Great Depression.

US President has sharpened his attack on China in recent months. Other European countries have made similar threats. In the coming months, Indian diplomacy has to do the tightrope walking as the US mounts an attack on China. There is tremendous pressure on India, which will take over as the Chairperson in WHO’s decision-making body in May, to allow observer status to Taiwan. While the US is backing this move, China is vehemently opposing any such inclusion.

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