Egypt: Committee starts the second phase of Gaza reconstruction project


Egypt EgyptEgypt has announced to start again the Gaza reconstruction project on Monday. Ibrahim Al-Sheneqi, head of the Egyptian National Committee of the Gaza Reconstruction project, announced the start of the second phase of the Gaza Strip’s reconstruction project, which includes six major projects.

At the inauguration ceremony of the second phase of the project, Ibrahim Al-Sheneqi said that the Palestinian labor, contractors, and Palestinian companies will help in implementing the second phase of the project. The inauguration ceremony was held at the al-Mashtal hotel in front of representatives of the delegations and Palestinian government. The director of the project, Amr Are said that the reconstruction projects come under the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. The President earlier announced the amount of $500 million to support the reconstruction of Gaza.

First phase of the project

The first phase of the project included the removal of the debris and 85,000 cubic meters of rubble from the building, which took around 65 days to complete. The building was destroyed during the Gaza-Israel war. Tensions are often high between Israel and Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank due to their conflicts. Israel and Egypt tightly control Gaza’s borders.

The first phase of the project started after Israel’s deadly offensive in Gaza in May. The offensive killed more than 260 Palestinians, including 66 children. Various buildings were destroyed during the war. Reportedly, more than 60,000 housing units suffered partial damage.

Gaza Reconstruction Project

The main projects of the Gaza Reconstruction project include the construction of the waterfront at the corniche, northern Gaza, and construction of residential communities across three cities. The first residential community is Dar Misr 1 in the Zahra area, the second residential community is Dar Misr 2 is in Jabalia, and Dar Misr 3 is in the town of Beit Lahia.



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