First Destroy, Then Build: US Looks at Gaza Solemnly

First Destroy, Then Build: US Looks at Gaza Solemnly

The US policy has been nearly the same everywhere in the Middle East – topple, destroy and rebuild. Be it Iraq or Libya, the US has not been able to make it as thriving as it was under the regimes that it toppled. And now, its Gaza.

As Israel continues to bomb Gaza day in and out, Washington is looking at rebuilding this territory. But it cannot compensate for thousands of lives lost and the suffering. Palestinians want to live in peace like people of other free countries but militant groups like Hamas and countries like Israel will not let the peace set in.

In the Washington Post, US President Joe Biden wrote that the international community needed to establish a reconstruction mechanism to sustainably meet Gaza’s long-term needs. Turkey is also keen on reconstructing Gaza, with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan saying they will do whatever is necessary to compensate for the destruction caused by Israel. “We will make efforts to rebuild the damaged infrastructure in Gaza and rebuild the destroyed schools, hospitals, water and energy facilities.”

Gaza War Not Ending Anytime Soon

Talks of rebuilding cannot drown the fact that the war in Gaza, between Israel and Hamas, is not going to end anytime soon. After a weeklong ceasefire, the Hamas and Israel resumed their war. But this war is unbalanced. Eyad Abu Shakra, political analyst, highlighted that the Israeli side has been historically labeled the victim. It has been able to win the battle of the political decision-making corridors in the West.

Shakra said the eruption of global mass movements demanding an end to the Gaza war came more as a reaction to the ferocity of the bombing and the horror of the tragedies, than as a result of the skills of Hamas leaders in managing the public relations battle as to what happened on October 7, and its aftermath.

“The Israeli propaganda machine went beyond its declared goal of eliminating Hamas to the de facto implementation of its permanent strategy, which is the complete displacement of the Palestinian people and the liquidation of a cause that is impossible to liquidate without eliminating its people.”

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Israel, US Crushing Gaza

After destroying North Gaza, Israeli forces are now in the Southern Gaza. The IDF said their ground operation in southern Gaza will be no less powerful than the operations in northern Gaza. Shakra says Washington remains the nurturing, supporting and sponsoring power behind the Israeli scheme. “It is explicitly supporting the Israeli handling of Gaza’s residents, and perhaps the residents of West Bank in the future, without taking into account the concerns of most of its friends in the region.”



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