How Gulf nations can play a crucial mediating role in diffusing Ukraine crisis


Ukraine UkraineOngoing Ukraine crisis as Russia continues its offensive on the European neighbour has the world on cliff’s edge. The probability of Cold War is always looming and now the threat of this steering into a full-fledged nuclear war has appeared with Russian President Vladimir Putin alerting country’s nuclear forces.

Reactions from across the world are similar – solidarity and prayers for the people of Ukraine who are the sole sufferers in this game of power and dominance. But when we talk about global governments, reactive is very diversified. Though majority of countries are coming in support of Ukraine, none has yet decided to send in troops in support of Ukraine. Though France has decided to volunteer sending 500 soldiers to Romania as a part of NATO mission, the location is hundreds of kilometres away from the Ukraine border. European Union, USA, UK, Australia and Canada all have imposed sweeping sanctions in order to stem Russian aggression. But amid all the opposition, Putin has steadily moved into Ukraine and its capital Kyiv.

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Abdulaziz Alateek, Saudi Arabia’s permanent representative to the organization, spoke last week at a UN meeting. He was speaking on behalf of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and recalled Security Council Resolution 2202, which was adopted in 2015 unanimously and called for de-escalation of the situation. This brings a very crucial development to the forefront – Gulf states can play a critical role in diffusing the situation in Ukraine and restoring peace.

The crisis in Ukraine due to Russia’s military aggression has pushed Europe to rethink its strategy around gas supply and energy. Qatar and Saudi Arabia who are already present in the European market can be key suppliers of gas to Europe at reasonable prices. This energy crisis in Europe can bring Gulf states to the negotiating and partnership table at a strong position. Diplomatic stances depend greatly on energy related policies, and this can be a key opportunity for Gulf nations to play a key role in mediating situation in Ukraine and help in restoration of world peace.



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