‘The Gospel’ – The Role AI Has Played In Israel’s Bombing Campaign

'the gospel' the role ai has played in israel's bombing campaign

Israel has resumed its offensive after a seven-day ceasefire ended Friday morning despite international calls for an extension. Both sides have blamed each other for breaking the truce. The Israeli Defence Forces carried out deadly bombardments in Gaza on Saturday.
Clouds of grey smoke from the strikes hung over the Palestinian enclave, where the Hamas-run health ministry said nearly 200 people had lost their lives since the resumption in Israeli offensive, according to Agence France-Prese.

“The Gospel”, An AI Target-Creation Platform

There are mounting concerns about the IDF’s targeting approach in a raging conflict that, according to the ministry, has so far claimed more than 15,000 lives in the tightly-packed territory. How has been the IDF selecting its targets in Gaza?

The Israeli military has long polished up its reputation for technical prowess and has previously made unverifiable claims about harnessing new technology. After the 2021 war in Gaza, officials said Israel had fought its “first AI war” using machine learning and advanced computing.

The latest violence engulfing the Middle East has provided an unprecedented opportunity for Israel to use such tools in a much wider theatre of operations and, in particular, to deploy an AI target-creation platform called “the Gospel”.

Nonetheless, the slowly emerging picture of how the IDF is harnessing AI comes against a backdrop of increasing tensions over the risks posed to civilians as advanced militaries worldwide expand the use of complex automated systems on the battlefield.

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2 Million Gazans Crammed Into 220 Sq Km Area

Associated Press reported Israeli strikes on Saturday were focused on the Khan Younis area in southern Gaza. “There is no place to go,” said Emad Hajar, who fled from the north a month ago. “They expelled us from the north, and now they are pushing us to leave the south.”

Some 2 million people, or almost the entire population of Gaza, are crammed into the besieged territory’s south. Unable to go into northern Gaza or neighbouring Egypt, the people’s only escape is to move around within the 220 sq km area.



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