Germany: Central Muslims Council strips Ibrahim Zayat of posts


The Supreme Council of German Muslims barred Muslim Brotherhood fronts from the elections held on September 18—including the Islamic Center in Munich and the Tabba Union of the Muslim Brotherhood—and the German government increased its grip on the global movement. Additionally, Ibrahim Al-Zayat was expelled from the council.

The council, a well-known Islamic organisation with tens of thousands of Muslim members of various nationalities, held its elections yesterday as Muslims in Germany are reportedly suffering significant difficulties.

One of the leading international European figures in the International Organization of Muslims is Zayat. According to the sources, Zayat is sought by the Egyptian government to complete a 10-year prison sentence.

Eslam El-Katatny, a political Islamist movement researcher and Muslim Brotherhood dissident, commented on the news that the council’s effort to deport Zayat is “significant” because he is an “influential figure” in the global Muslim Brotherhood group.

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In comments to Extra News on Monday, Katatny stated that Zayat was one of the ZMD founders and held the position of the secretary-general for the council.

“The decision by the German government to remove Zayat from all positions he had [in the council] is a key step and a turning point for European businesses with regard to dealing with the Brotherhood group file,” he continued.

The researcher said the Muslim Brotherhood has been eager to portray itself as a moderate organisation that abstains from violence, in contrast to Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State (IS).

He continued by saying that the Muslim Brotherhood had formerly controlled the ZMD, with Mahdi Akef, a former Supreme Guide of the MB, serving as one of its top figures.

Zayat was a prominent member of the European Muslim Brotherhood who held positions in numerous significant Islamic institutions in Saudi Arabia and Europe. In 2002, Zayat succeeded Ali Ghaleb Himmat, a well-known member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe, as the leader of the Islamic Community of Germany.



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