Global efforts underway to stop violence in Israel-Palestine conflict

Israel-Palestine conflict

Israel, on Tuesday, carried out a fresh wave of airstrikes on what it claimed to be militant targets in Gaza as more than a week has passed with the violence showing no signs of slowing down. 

Israeli attacks downed a six-story building that housed libraries and several educational centers of the Islamic University, leaving a concrete slabs and massive mound of rebar behind. Local media showed desks, books, office chairs, and computer wires in the debris.

In return, dozens of rockets were shot into Israel from the Gaza strip by Hamas.

The Israeli military said, late Monday, that its air and artillery strikes had killed more than 130 people.

Gaza health officials said that the Palestinian death toll was at 212, including 36 women and 61 children, since hostilities began last week. Israel reported the killing of 10 people, including two children.

Meanwhile global diplomacy pepped up to put a halt to the region’s fiercest hostilities in years.

US President Joe Biden urged for an immediate ceasefire as he told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he was working with Egypt and other regional players on putting an end to the hostilities.

But on the contrary, the US blocked a UN Security Council statement for a cessation of violence yet again.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that the top priority of his country was a ceasefire and an end to the violence in the Palestine-Israel conflict. He pressed the two sides to put a stop to any such actions that could further deteriorate the scenario. 

Wang was chairing a UNSC open debate on “The Situation in the Middle East” via video link where he made these comments. 

“China condemns violent acts against civilians, and urges both the sides to stop military and hostile actions immediately. Any such actions that can deteriorate the situation – including ground offensives, airstrikes, and rocket launches – must be stopped,” Wang said.  The violence has entered its second week now.



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