‘Hero’ Woman Jumped in Front of Knifeman to Protect Children- France

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According to witnesses, a woman bravely ran in front of a pushchair during the knife attack at a lakeside park in the French Alps to shield a young child.

According to French authorities, two of the four children who were seriously hurt in the attack on Thursday are still in critical condition. The news came as French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte traveled to Annecy to meet with the families of the victims and those who helped them.

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One of the two adults who was shot by the police and reportedly stabbed six times by the assailant sustained life-threatening injuries. Videos from Thursday’s carnage show a bystander chasing the attacker from the playground and trying to repel him with his backpack.

Authorities say the suspect, a 31-year-old Syrian refugee who had been turned away for asylum in France days earlier, was arrested. According to reports, the attacker used the name of Jesus Christ during the incident, which prosecutors claim had nothing to do with terrorism.

On Friday morning, sympathizers continued to stop by the park to leave flowers and other memorials for the attack victims. The four kids range in age from 22 months to three years.






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