Houthis Condemned For Sidelining Truce Conditions And Exploiting Civilians in Yemen


Yemen YemenWhile the UN and the western world have laboriously brokered a truce between the Houthis and the Yemeni government, the former does not seem to be honoring the terms of the truce.

In a recently shocking incident, the Houthis have been blamed for killing innocent civilians for no rhyme or reason. Yemen’s minister of information Muammar Al-Eryani has condemned the Houthi’s use of snipers for targeting citizens in shootings that killed a child hours after the UN-brokered truce was extended for the third time.

Since January, UN has been trying to broker a truce in order Yemen can be brought back into tracks for governance without Houthi interference. The truce has existed for a couple of months each time being renewed.

In another act of terrorism, the US envoy to Yemen Tim Lenderking has also condemned the heinous actions of the Houthi militia where they continue to hold in   detention, current and former employees of the American government and the UN since November of last year. Amid the peace talks, it is being hoped they would free them in ‘good faith.’

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As truce starts to brin in some semblance of peace, the Houthis seem to do something deliberately to rustle the feathers and create unrest in the country. “The Houthi’s escalation of crimes and deliberate killing of children in besieged Taiz hours after the extension of the UN-brokered truce reflect the militia’s malice against the province, disdain for the lives of Yemenis, and indifference to the international community’s efforts to calm the situation,” said Al-Eryani.

Additionally, the local media has been able to gather information that confirms that indeed there have been 306 Houthi violations within 72 hours of the truce extension, which killed four soldiers and injured 16 others across Yemen.

The violations ranged from targeting army and resistance positions using artillery, snipers, and booby-trapped drones, to constructing military sites, digging trenches, and deploying artillery and drones on various fronts.



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