Gustavo Petro Is The New Columbian President


Colombia ColombiaColombia has created history as it elects its first ever ex-guerrilla leader formally as President. The leftist Gustavo Petro has recently been inaugurated in Bogota and has created history by coming as the top man for the position.

His biggest selling point has been the way he connects with the people unlike his competitors. Most were only able to give some moderate reassurance of change into a market friendly economy.

Voters have been harried with no jobs, increasing narcotic and youth dying disillusioned. There has been frustration also over rising poverty and increased cases of violence against human rights leaders and environmental groups in rural areas.

With Petro in leadership, Columbia hopes he will keep his word- to curb rampant inequality in the Latin American country. In a formal statement, he has reassured voters that his government plans to implement economic policies that seek to end longstanding inequalities and ensure ‘solidarity’ with the nation’s most vulnerable.

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Some 100,000 people, including Spanish King Felipe VI and at least nine Latin American presidents, looked on as he was sworn in as head of state and government by Senate chief Roy Barreras.

“I do not want two countries, just as I do not want two societies. I want a strong, just and united Colombia,” Petro said in his inauguration speech. “The challenges and tests that we have as a nation demand a period of unity and basic consensus.”

Petro, whose government should enjoy backing from a left-leaning majority in Congress, called on Colombian armed groups to “lay down their arms” and accept legal benefits “in exchange for peace.”

Mr. Petro has been a former senator and mayor and would be governing at the ripening age of 62 years. Along with him is woman power, something that is becoming a common occurrence in many countries that are looking at serious change in leadership. The new vice president, Francia Marquez, an environmental activist and former housekeeper, also represents a change for the country as the first Afro-Colombian woman to hold her post.



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