Houthis Play With Lives As They Deny Vaccination Drives In Yemen


In another act of violence against humanity, it has been discovered that the Iran backed Houthi rebels are depriving medical workers of Covid-19 vaccines. The disease is spreading in different variants and wave across the world.

Yemen has been adversely affected by ongoing civil war and the onslaught of the pandemic too. In desperation now, the Yemeni health minister Dr. Qasem Buaibeh is now asking such health workers and doctors to Yemen’s health minister to move from Houthi-controlled areas to more liberated provinces in order they can receive a Covid-19) vaccine.

This development comes after Houthis refused to run an inoculation program in densely populated areas. Until now, 153 veteran doctors and medical support staff have lost their lives. Yemen has been making use of

Yemen received a package of 360,000 dozes of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine last week. The war-torn country had full intentions of starting its vaccination campaign in southern provinces. Thousands of health workers, the elderly and people with serious health problems were awaiting the jab.

This also includes government officials, health workers and journalists. But Houthis are least interested in caring for the medical needs of the people of Yemen. They have refused to let medical personnel be inoculated in the Sanna region.

The government controlled areas might have less infectious numbers but the Houthi rebels are refusing to share the exact numbers. Many of them might already been infected and are (suspected) siphoning the vaccine for their own use. Many of their own leaders have perished due to unspecified reasons.

General Al-Yahiya Al-Shami apparently has already perished due to complications arising from Covid-19. He has been described as “the mastermind” of the Houthi coup against internationally-recognized President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi in late 2014, and the later military expansion across Yemen.

There was already a bounty price on his head. In 2017, the Arab coalition placed Al-Shami, along with 44 Houthi leaders, including his son Zakaria, at the top of its wanted list, and announced a $20 million reward for information leading to his location and arrest.



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