How To Make Money On Instagram: 5 Proven Ways For 2022


The basic formula to make money on Instagram is very simple – More Followers + More Posts = More Money.

According to the search marketing agency, Instagram influencers with a million followers can earn roughly $670 every post.
With 100k Instagram followers, a content creator on the platform can earn around $200 every post, while someone with 10k followers can earn about $88 per post.

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Let’s ponder the question – How to Make Money on Instagram in 2022? We are going to overlook 5 proven ways to make money on Instagram.

  1. Earn Through Sponsorship
    The most common way for Instagrammers to make money is through promoting sponsored posts or stories. Potential partners may approach you in some instances. If you don’t want to wait for a brand to approach you, look into companies that can assist you in finding and working with brands.
  2. Self Business Promotion
    There are many other methods to generate money on Instagram. To help your business expand, you can open a business account. A professional-looking Instagram account could provide a promotional boost if you run an online ecommerce business where you sell your crafts or a cuisine blog that earns money from advertising.
  3. Sell Your Old Accessories
    You may not have a business to market, but you if you frequently sell your old clothes and accessories on websites such as Poshmark. Instagram has the potential to expand your customer base. Showcase in the best possible way by taking beautiful photos of your clothing and accessories and providing as much information as possible in your captions. You can also link your Poshmark or OLX account in your Instagram bio.
  4. Make Money Through Badges
    When you use Instagram’s Live function to share real-time videos, you may earn money straight from your audience. You may ask your followers to buy badges which are kind of return gifts, to support your content creation & efforts. Badges can be purchased for $0.99, $1.99, or $4.99. People who have purchased them have left heart icons next to their comments.
  5. Ad Monetization
    Allow advertisers to run advertisements throughout your videos. To get started, go to the settings of your creator account and enable the in-stream video ad monetization option. After that, upload videos as usual.

Your earnings are determined on the number of views your video receives in the feed. You’ll get 55% of the revenue produced per view, and payments are made on a monthly basis. Instagram recommends posting 2 to 4 minutes long videos to earn ad revenue.



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