In a shocking retaliation move, Facebook decides to blackout news in Australia


On Thursday, in an unexpected retaliatory move, Facebook blocked Australians from sharing news. Therefore, heightening a dispute with the government authority about whether big tech companies need to pay news organizations for content.

Considering it their “last decision”, Facebook announced it will stop permitting publishers and individuals in Australia from sharing international and local news on Instagram and Facebook.

Australia’s government denounced the step taken by Facebook, which obstructed some administration communications, including emergency services and messages, and some business pages.

The reason for Facebook’s retaliation is Australia’s new media bargaining code, presented in parliament last Dec that requires huge tech organizations like Google and Facebook to agree with media outlets that bring about a business contract for showing the latter’s content on their page.

Right now, across the globe, news publishers get just a bit of the ad revenue produced from their content or income from an agreement like for producing instant articles. Nonetheless, this income isn’t steady and is reliant to an enormous degree on the calculation of the two platforms, which keeps changing, affecting reach and visibility.

Facebook stated that it had obstructed a wide range of pages as the draft law didn’t explicitly define the type of news content. It added that they are still committed to fighting misinformation, and it would surely restore pages that were mistakenly blocked.

The top of the British parliamentary panel supervising the media industry, Julian Knight, was among the lawmakers abroad who thought the step was aimed beyond Australia. She expressed that “They’re merely utilizing Australia as a test for world powers concerning whether they wish to force limitations in the similar way they conduct business and we are all behind Australia.



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