Things To Keep In Mind When Visiting Qatar For FIFA World Cup 2022


Qatar Qatar-People are excited to visit Qatar this year because the country is hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022. Football fans have already begun planning their trip to Qatar. The World Cup is considered the most prestigious football tournament in the world. Some Middle East countries are known for their restrictions and prohibitions on certain items as they have little tolerance for certain behaviour.

Here are a few things to be kept in mind before leaving for Qatar

Dress codes : Men and women should not wear excessively revealing clothes in public places in Qatar. They are expected to show respect for the culture of the country. It is recommended that people must cover their shoulders and knees.

A gesture of respect : Men and women will not shake hands as a gesture of respect. Men and women do not normally touch as religious law in Qatar prohibits unmarried men and women from touching. Qatari women refrain from shaking hands with men. Similarly, men may refrain from extending their hands to women or even sitting beside them. If you are sitting in front of an aged person, do not cross your legs.

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No intimacy rule :  Intimacy is not allowed in public places in Qatar. Showing affection in public places is frowned upon.

Respect to religion : During the Islamic month of Ramadan, visitors are expected to refrain from eating, drinking, and smoking in public places because people keep fast during the daylight hours.

No smoking : Smoking is prohibited in all public spaces. Qatari law prohibits smoking even in indoor public places. Violation of this rule can be subject to fines between QAR 1000-3000.

Photography rule : Public photography of religious, construction and military sites is not allowed. Visitors cannot take pictures of the locals, especially women unless they have their permission. Violation of this rule can also be subject to a fine.



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