King Of Jordan Is In Awe Of Russian Interference In Syria and Ukraine


Jordan JordanKing Abdullah of Jordan has made a media statement stating that he favors Russian presence in Syria. It seems he has legitimized the presence of Russia in Syria, becoming a part of the civil war for the last seven years.

Syria has not seen a stable government since then. It is ironic how Jordan, who has been a recipient of the largest aid from the US has been in tandem with Russian movement across nations and seems to also support the recent Ukrainian onslaught.

While Jordan supported the 2015 Russian intervention, this added support has led to the propping up of the regime of Bashar Al Assad. It is surprising that the King could have actually praise Mr. Putin for his ‘invaluable’ contribution in maintaining Syrian stability, while Russia has been making great use of the mercenaries and other ways to forward the trade of Captagon through the borders.

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When questioned by the media, Jordan has shifted the blame on Iran, for the first time in public, bringing them into limelight over drug trade. He further justified that Iran must extend support in Syria, as Russia ‘was busy in Ukraine’ so that everything else can remain stable for Jordanian borders.

It is one of the most selfish statements being made by the ruler of a Middle East country which is going all out to bow down to Russian supremacy, most willingly. The King has added on saying that pressure on supplies of commodities is another outcome of the Ukraine war that his country has been dealing with. But that countries in the region have been “coming together and saying how can we help each other?”.

King Abdullah said he also favours more Arab military co-operation. “I would be one of the first people that would endorse a Middle East Nato,” he said. “The mission statement has to be very, very clear. Otherwise, it confuses everybody,” he said.



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