Barham Salih, President of Iraq
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Barham Salih condemns Turkish military operations in Iraq

On Friday, Iraqi President Barham Salih asked Turkish forces to halt its military operations in the north region of the country, which had fallen victim to chaos and civilian causalities….

The Parliament building of the Kurdish

Iraq: Military operations, aimed at wiping out ISIS, enters phase three

On Monday Iraq government launched phase 3 of its military operation against the ISIS fighters. In 2017, the country won over the terrorist group….

Ankara Murted Air Base.
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Turkey’s warplanes hit Kurdish targets in Iraq

On Sunday night, Turkish warplanes attacked several Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) locations in northern Iraq….

Kashmiri masked protester waving flags during clashes in Nowhattah Srinagar after Friday prayers on 21st December 2018
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Amidst COVID19 chaos, ISIS tries to make a comeback

This week, Iraq’s state news agency reported that counter-terrorism forces have killed ISIS’ ‘Governor of Iraq’ Moataz Numan Al-Jubori during an airstrike in Syria….

Iran demonstration in front of brandenburg gate
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Protests return to Iraq despite new PM’s assurances

Even as Iraqi courts were ordering the release of anti-government protestors who had been detained during the popular uprising since last October, large crowds gathered

Mustafa al-Kadhimi in a conference
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Iraq has a new Prime Minister: Mustafa al-Kadhimi

After a six-month crisis triggered by the popular uprising last October, Iraq has a new prime minister with a solid majority in Parliament. He is

Mustafa al-Kadhimi in his office
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US grants 30-day waiver extension to Iraq for buying energy from Iran

On Sunday, the US government announced the renewal of Iraq’s energy waiver, allowing the country to import gas and oil from Iran for next 30

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Iraqi president instructs intelligence head to form the new government

Iraqi President Barham Salih instructed Iraqi intelligence chief Mustafa Al-Kadhimi to form a new cabinet on Thursday.   According to him, the head of state gave

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Iraq: Katyusha missiles targeted a US oil company

On Monday morning, rockets landed near a foreign workers’ neighborhood in the oil sector which includes the American “Halliburton” company for oil services in Iraq,

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Backstage conflict over election of prime minister in Iraq

The political forces and party blocs involved in assigning the Prime Minister entered in closed meetings and conflicts a few days ago, the most recent