Iraq Might See Dull Election Outcome In October


 In a sad revelation, political experts are pre-empting a disappointing outcome of the Iraqi elections for the country. Unless a high voter turnout happens, along with representation of independent candidates, the democracy may not see a fresh future.

According to political experts, Iraq elections may not bring a desired change in the political system. There are some 25 million Iraqi registered to caste their votes on the forthcoming October 10 poll to pick a total of 329 MPs.

Another observation is that youth led movement coordinates should not compete for the same seats. A variety of fresh leadership is what the nations requires to bring about a lasting change in its democratic setup.

Further, for independents, its important to be able to stick together and not fight for power amongst themselves. For them to do so, there is effective one leader movement important, which does not look promising until 2025, experts believe.

Almost 25 million Iraqis are on the electoral roll, and voters will choose 329 members of parliament. But calls for a boycott of the ballot box are growing, especially from disillusioned young adults who accuse parties of intimidation, vote buying and cronyism.

On demand, the government finally divided the country into constituencies, giving an opportunity for independent candidates to contest for elections. This happened as the government passed a new electoral law post massive outcry from amongst the youth in between 2019-2020.

One huge factor that will hamper a transformative change is low confidence level of the voter in the government’s way of handling elections. Another issue is that multiple new candidates will need time to build a sense of trust amongst the populace which will actually need one more election term for them to serve, without any internal or external strife threatening their legitimacy.



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