Is NATO Fire Power Going To Divide The World Into Two Halves?


NATO has put together the biggest ever buildup of military support since Cold War. This is a huge step in answer to Russia’s onslaught at Ukraine. The various alliances, with Sweden and Finland added in is being estimated as an eightfold increase.

There is going to be strength seen on all fronts- air, sea and land. As the US has promised a buildup, so is the Western world that has seen the dominant threat and promised to stand by Ukraine. All are calling Russia as the ‘most significant and direct threat’ to peace and security and have vowed to increase supplies of arms and ammunition to Kyiv.

The new base is to come up near Poland. Indeed, the crossfire can reach Poland too. But as these things are happening, Russia is only going to be rubbed and irritated more.

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More German, British and other allied troops are on alert to deploy eastward, and the US is adding to the 100,000 personnel already in Europe by sending more warships to Spain, planes to Britain, weapons to the Baltic states and troops to Romania. With Finland and Sweden added in, there is just more to be added to the American nuclear alliance.

Where is Russia going to get support from? Will China and Iran stand by it; as a common enemy is always reasons for a common friendship. For one we know Jordan is on Russia’s side as the King openly acknowledges how Russian presence in Syria has been a stabilizing factor. So does China against the rest of the African and European side of the world.

Many European countries are already of the mind that there is a third world war starting. Finland and Sweden will be bringing in their well-trained militaries to the collection too. One will have to wait and watch to see what Russia will do.



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