South Korea Pushes For Joint Military Exercises With US Despite Danger Of Retaliation From North Korea

South Korea

Despite warnings from China over possible attack, the South Korea has been going ahead with doing joint military exercises with the US. Towards this, a US based aircraft carrier has arrived in South Korea already, and is being seen as a warning to North as well.

Reports confirm that South Korean President Yoon Suk-Yeol has been pushing for more joint exercises and other displays of military power.

The aircraft carrier has landed in South Korea for the first time in four years where it is said to have plans to join other military vessels in a show of force that is going to send a purposeful message to North Korea.

The intend is to engage more to the American ‘strategic assets’ and operate in an area which is looking at deterring North Korea. USS Ronald Reagan and ships from its accompanying strike group docked at a naval base in the southern port city of Busan ahead of joint drills with South Korean forces.

Strike group commander Rear Admiral Michael Donnelly informs that the whole exercise is meant to build allied relations and boost interoperability between the navies. Diplomatically, the exercise is meant to other things and thus he adds while speaking to the media that ‘we are leaving the messaging to diplomats.’

North Korea denounced previous US military deployments and joint drills as rehearsals for war and proof of hostile policies by Washington and Seoul. Its reactions have been strong and negative. The drills have also sparked protests by peace activists who say they raise regional tensions. But, this time, these ones seem to be done ‘purposefully’ by South Korea.

Last week the United States said the carrier’s visit was a “clear demonstration” of its commitment to deploy and exercise strategic assets to deter Pyongyang and enhance regional security.



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