Tunisians Go Wild Over Constant Commodity Price Hike


Tunisia TunisiaPeople in Tunisia are having to worry about escalating prices of commodities, literally on a daily basis. While the new President in power busies himself in consolidating his power, there is mayhem in the lives of Tunisians, who are reeling under pressure from rising prices of literally everything- from oil to bread.

It isn’t shortage that is troubling the Tunisians; it’s the lack of economic growth while their appointed leader is busy cleaning up political mess. Tunisia has been ruled by more than eight governments since the long-time president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was ousted in 2011. Kais Saied, the current president, was democratically elected in October 2019, but he dismissed the previous government and suspended parliament against a backdrop of disenchantment with the political class, high unemployment and a stuttering economy.

Mr. Saied never once has said he has done anything wrong is dismissing the constitution earlier. In fact, he felt he was giving the country’s economic and political status a facelift. But lifting prices isn’t going to help do that, is what most economists have said. Instead, there is a need for an economy and trade to function on its own, so that there can be jobs created and money generated.

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For this, foreign investment inflows are the best thing look at. Until such investments materialize, however, a multi-billion-dollar IMF package is the only realistic rescue option. But to land that, Saied faces a fight with the country’s largest public sector union, the Union Générale Tunisienne du Travail or UGTT.

UGTT has threatened to go on nationwide strike and does not want to have a dialogue with Saied either. They are keen to see action of public sector reform; something that Saied might have casually brushed aside, but not anymore, if he wants to remain in leadership.



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