Israel Accuses Iran Of Making Nuclear Weapons


Israel Israel Iran is investing itself in nuclear weapons, an allegation Tehran would deny but Israel is very sure it is doing so. PM Naftali Bennett has accused Iran of stolen classified documents from the International Atomic Energy Agency in order it can save itself from being caught red handed.

Taking to Twitter, Mr. Bennett has claimed that “Iran stole classified documents from the UN’s Atomic Agency IAEA and used that information to systematically evade nuclear probes.” Going public with what Israel has as evidence, his tweet said that Israel has documents to prove their claim.

His tweet shared a link to eight files of documents in English and Farsi, as well as photographs. Unearth in 2018, the files share was part of a cache allegedly taken by Israeli agents from an Iranian nuclear site. The timing is being termed as apt as Israel continues to be against the furcation of the 2015 nuclear deal that remains stalled under the Vienna negotiations.

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Earlier last week, Tehran condemned as “not fair” an IAEA report on undeclared nuclear material found at three sites in Iran, as talks on reviving a 2015 deal remain deadlocked. That deal with world powers, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), gave Iran relief from crippling economic sanctions in exchange for curbs on its nuclear activities.

There are rumours that Tehran is using nuclear material for other purposes that civilian constructive use. Repeated attempts to get Iranian officials to explain the presence of nuclear material on various sites has yielded no results.

It is therefore imperative that the deal is put back into action as the only safety mechanism that can control Iran from resorting to notorious use of nuclear reactive material, something Tehran had stopped since the 2015 Nuclear deal was signed.



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