Israel Wants To Recall Citizens Over Suspected Iranian Attacks In Turkey

Yair lapid

Israel IsraelUnwarranted remarks by Middle Eastern countries have been rubbished by Turkey which reconfirms that theirs is safe country. The Turkish foreign ministry rubbished Israeli comments about unsafety in Turkey due to rumours of Iranian attacks.

The Turkish foreign ministry did not name Israel directly but rubbished the rumours being spread by some countries. A formal statement has been released in the media that states that Turkey “is a safe country and continues to fight against terrorism. These travel warnings are considered to be related to different international developments and motives,” it added.

Apparently, the Israel’s Foreign Minister Yair Lapid has not minced his words when he warned Israeli citizens residing in Turkey to leave “as soon as possible” over threats that Iranian operatives were planning attacks on Israelis in Istanbul. He said there was “a real and immediate danger” from Iranian agents.

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A well-known newspaper in Israel has already carried a story claiming that an unnamed security official had made a formal statement stating that several Iranian “cells” were planning operations against Israeli tourists in Turkey.

As Israel takes a firm stand against Iran and has been voicing its evidenced message that Iran indeed is in the process of making nuclear weapons, the air between the nations has been tense for a while.

On the flipside, Tehran has been going all out to blame Israel for a series of attacks on its nuclear and military infrastructure, in Iran but also in Syria.

Turkey is a popular holiday destination for Israelis, including through more than a decade of diplomatic rupture between the two countries. Ankara and Israel have mended ties in recent months, with senior Turkish leaders citing the importance of Israel to Turkey’s tourism sector.



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