Kuwaiti National Tries To Get Netflix Banned


Kuwait KuwaitA suit to cancel the subscription of popular OTT platform Netflix has been rejected by the courts in Kuwait. A public litigation had been filed and made to object on showing entertainment violating the country’s traditions.

The Kuwaiti court dismissed the PIL. The case was against the Ministry of Media and government Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority. The administrative court dismissed the case saying the one who filed it actually had no interest and stake in the case.

Kuwaiti lawyer Abdulaziz Al Subaie who filed the motion justified himself saying that a large segment of youngsters and adolescents are attracted to the service, saying they may be influenced by its content boosting “moral decline and homosexuality”.

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Filed in February, the case was pertaining to an Arabic language film that was produced and aired by Netflix and had apparently, provoked a wave of public anger due to several controversial scenes on subjects such as homosexuality and sex outside wedlock.

Netflix launched its services to the Middle East in 2016. Since then, Netflix has exponentially increased the number of subscriptions every year. Now, Netflix has almost 50 million subscriptions in the Middle East, Europe, and the northern Africa region (EMEA).

What you watch is what decides your thoughts and perceptions. Many users and critics believe that Middle Eastern countries have grown to love Bollywood as much as they have learned to evolve with the amalgamation of OTT platforms like Netflix. The platforms are influential; there is no denying this.

The censorship approach of the states in the Middle East creates tensions among the segments of the societies. From one side, people are getting more ‘liberated’ with technological developments, and on the other side, authoritarian regimes fight back to halt this digital evolution. Yet they have not been banned in countries like Turkey even, whose political upheavals have been depicted in many serials.



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