Kadhimi Expresses Earnestness In Resolving Political Deadlock In Iraq

Iraqi PM Al Kadhimi

Mustafa Al Kadhimi has a lot on his plate and he is trying to accommodate it all well. He would need to however, prioritize pushing for talks between political factions first, if he wants to end a nearly year-long deadlock in the political situation.

This would be the third round of talks towards finding a solution. There is no genuine PM for Iraq as of now and Kadhimi continues to serve as a caretaker PM. The political squabbling has forced him to remain in this uncertain seat of power since October last year.

“My government has called for a serious and transparent dialogue between all political forces and parties to discuss ways out of the current political crisis in an effort by the government to meet the people’s aspirations and hopes, and achieve their goals to secure our people’s future,” he told the UN General Assembly. An explanation is in the order because the world is wondering as to what is the plan for Iraq’s future, and if the warring factions have any plans to let a government be made.

Reiterating his seriousness to the commitment of a government to be formed, he further said, “The government of Iraq is working to build the state to maintain its structure on the basis of coexistence among all the Iraqi people. Iraq is keen to be a source of stability regionally and internationally.”

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“Iraq seeks to bring together different viewpoints and endeavours to find sustainable peaceful solutions to regional crises and mend ties between the region’s countries by introducing a number of initiatives to ensure peace and security in our region, a region that has long suffered from wars and crises,” he further added.

He also emphasised how the stability of the region relies on the stability of Iraq, and any internal conflicts also have an impact globally.



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