Lebanon arrests man over US embassy shooting; What’s happening?

lebanon arrests man over us embassy shooting; what's happening

Lebanon has finally arrested a man, who was involved in last week’s shooting outside the United States embassy in Beirut, according to police officials.

The security forces in Lebanon arrested the man identified as MK. Reportedly, the arrested man was born in 1997 in the capital of Lebanon. He possessed several pieces of ammunition. 

What’s happening between the United States and Lebanon? What did US officials say?

Lebanon arrests man over US embassy shooting

The Internal Security Forces, which is the national police and security force of Lebanon, said that the security forces arrested a Lebanese man after he confessed to carrying out the shooting attack in the embassy.

The weapon used by him was also seized. The security forces reportedly arrested him for further questioning. 

US embassy shooting in Lebanon

Last week on Wednesday, MK attacked the US embassy in Lebanon. Fortunately, no one was injured or killed in this attack. 

Lebanon’s prime minister, Najib Mikati, also demanded a fair investigation on this matter. The Lebanese army investigated the whole matter. Subsequently, the man was arrested. The Lebanese army also analyzed security camera footage from the embassy.

The real motive behind the shooting is still not known. According to knowledgeable sources, the authorities are currently investigating the whole matter to know the real motive of the accused. 

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What did the US say?

United States embassy spokesperson Jake Nelson said, “We are grateful for the speedy and thorough investigation by the local authorities.”

Dorothy Shea, the United States Ambassador to Lebanon, said that such attacks cannot harm the US.

In 1983, a severe attack on the American embassy in Lebanon killed over 60 people. Subsequently, the US moved its embassy to Awkar from Beirut. In 1984, another attack on the embassy compound in Awkar killed 15 people. 



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