‘Made in Saudi’ Expo to Attract Local and International Buyers


Saudi Arabia has high hopes to attract more international buyers and businesses through its three-day Made in Saudi Expo which will run from October 16 to 19. Iraq is the guest of honor for the second edition of the Made in Saudi exhibition.

The Saudi Export Development Authority through the “Made in Saudi Arabia” program wants to make national product a preferred choice locally and internationally. The event will feature local, national and international businesses.

A Holistic Made in Saudi Expo

The three-day exhibition will feature more than 200 national companies, ranging from more than 20 industrial and service sectors, and more than nine legitimate companies with an integral role – to strive for the Saudi industry identity.

According to the Made in Saudi official portal, the exhibition will include workshops to enrich Saudi industries with a number of distinctive experiences. There would also be a conference, a platform to discuss important topics, featuring prominent local and international speakers.

The Made in Saudi expo is part of Saudi Vision 2030, for the kingdom to become more self-sufficient and less dependent on imports. It supports local businesses and their efficiencies to increase the production of goods and services.

“The National Industrial Development and Logistics Program aims to offer more vacancies to the national workforce through creating 1.6 million new jobs by 2030, which contributes to the Saudi GDP and increases Saudi exports.”

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Expo Supports National Products

Organized by the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources, Made in Saudi supports national products. The expo promotes them locally and internationally by providing golden opportunities. Made in Saudi 2023 Exhibition aims to accommodate 70,000 visitors, 15 countries, new services and launches, scores of export agreements and seal MoUs, and much more.

The three-day exhibition is an excellent opportunity for local Saudi entrepreneurs to showcase their projects and support the non-oil industries. It is part of a greater effort to transform Saudi Arabia into an industrial powerhouse. Moreover, Made in Saudi expo will unlock new potentials and increase the competitiveness of local products, and take it to a wider regional and global market.



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