Michael Gove says ‘UK’s door is still ajar for EU trade talks’


The UK’s chief negotiator David Frost and Michel Barnier are all set to talk via telephone today to try and resolve Brexit following when No 10 blamed the EU for effectively closing negotiation by declining to provide any concessions. To which, Michael Gove said that the door is “still ajar” for talks with the EU over a post-Brexit economic accord, however, when it moves ground in important areas.

Brussels anticipates that the Brexit discussions continue soon, as Michael Gove affirmed that despite No. 10’s intense rhetoric the door remains open for renegotiation on trade. No 10. wants Barnier to state that the EU will work closely on an economic accord and present readiness to negotiate to put the onus on France to facilitate its tough stance on fishing benefits.

It arrives as Britain’s drug industry requested Boris Johnson to strike a side-deal with Brussels to avoid postponements and deficiencies of meds with a no-deal Brexit during coronavirus pandemic. On Friday, PM Johnson said that it was an ideal time to plan for a no-trade deal Brexit except if the EU changes direction, obtusely telling Brussels that there was no reason for proceeding with the negotiations.

A no-deal end to the UK’s five-year Brexit crisis would plant disarray through the fragile supply chains that spread across Britain, the EU, and further, especially when the economy is hit due to the pandemic. PM Johnson stated that the UK ought to prepare for January 1 with plans that are more similar to Australia that is based on simple standards of international free trade. “With big hearts and with confidence, we will get ready to welcome the other option, and we will thrive powerfully as an autonomous free-trading country, controlling and establishing our laws,” he included.

However, Barnier and Frost had consented to talk again early in the coming week, 10 Downing Street stated. Also, EU leaders, while winding up a meeting in Brussels on Friday, hurried to state that they required a trade deal and hopes discussion would proceed, however, not at any cost.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also said that it would be great to strike a deal and that agreements on both sides would be necessary. French President Emmanuel Macron also stated that Britain is in need of a Brexit deal more than the EU nations.



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