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Iran bans entry of US, UK covid-19 vaccines, Iranian leader calls them ‘untrustworthy’

During a televised speech on Friday, Iranian supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that Iran would not import the Covid-19 vaccines from US and UK.


EU, UK businesses face trading issues amid post-Brexit chaos

With the start of 2021, businesses in the UK and EU are struggling to trade due to post-Brexit trade deal. As Britain left the 27-nation


New COVID-19 strain spreading fast amid vaccination efforts

At a time when world governments are working on their inoculation strategies, the new Coronavirus variant has spread across over 30 countries by the end


UK Approves Astra Zeneca Oxford Vaccine For Emergency Use

As Britain braves the mutated form of the Covid-19 virus, it has finally approved the AstraZeneca Vaccine. Britain has placed an order for 100 million


Brexit trade deal to receive EU’s approval in coming days

After several months of negotiations and missed deadlines, the United Kingdom and the European Union finally signed a historic post-Brexit trade deal on Thursday. EU


New Coronavirus strain in UK poses risk to global efforts

While countries across the globe are still struggling to contain the rising cases of COVID-19, a new mutant strain of novel Coronavirus is threatening the

Middle East

UK lawmakers question Saudi regime over mysterious case of missing princes and dissenters

UK and European lawmakers questioned Saudi Arabia over unlawful detention of many Saudi princes, especially Mohammed bin Nayef was taken into custody in 2017 on

Middle East

UK MPs call for proscribing Iran’s IRGC as terrorist group

A report by the UK’s all-party foreign affairs select committee has recommended the British government to take steps to officially designate Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps


UK Might Administer The First Dose On Aging Monarch

Under the leadership of elect President Joe Biden of the US, the reassurance of the efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccine comes with the previous presidents


Pfizer Vaccine Promises 90 Percent Cure Against Covid-19

Pfizer has given a green signal on the effectiveness of the new corona vaccine that is slated to come out in the market end of