Nancy Pelosi proposes 9/11-style commission to probe US Capitol riot


On Monday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested that a 9/11-style commission to examine the riot on the Capitol on Jan. 6 is the subsequent step after the second Senate impeachment trial on the former president concluded.

In a letter to the legislators, she stated that the commission would be demonstrated on the investigation into the 11 September 2001 assaults on New York and the Pentagon. “We should get to the reality of how this occurred,” she added.

The Commission would probe and provide details regarding current facts and reasons behind the 6 Jan attack on the United States Capitol Complex. Moreover, to identify relating obstruction in the peaceful transfer of power. as well as finding out the readiness and reaction of the United States Capitol Police and other Federal, State local enforcement deployed at the National Capital Region,'” Pelosi added.

Solicitations for a commission like the one framed post-9/11 have gotten in the weeks since the violation at the Capitol led to five deaths, including a Capitol Police official, and many injured.

Officials who have called for such a probe need to get to know why was the law enforcement officials were not prepared to respond to the attack on the Capitol Hill building, which disrupting during the counting of the ballot results.

Seven Republican senators cast a ballot to convict Donald Trump in the bipartisan Senate impeachment trial, yet the upper chamber didn’t arrive at the important 66% lion’s share to convict Trump.

Over a month after the Capitol attack, the complex is guarded by more than 5,000 National Guard troops and surrounded by an eight-foot wall rimmed with razor wire. The soldiers are scheduled to be deployed there till mid-March.

A month ago, the US Capitol police head requested lawmakers to add fencing and add back-up security, regarding a 2006 security assessment that suggested the establishment of permanent fencing around the Capitol building.



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